Friday, March 25, 2011

Last night Baden pulled his first top tooth (actually his dad pulled it).  Losing teeth at our house is a big deal because we tend to like to hang on to them.  Last Fall the dentist had to pull two of Baden's and Gavin is getting ready to have a few pulled also.  So last night when that tooth came out we all gave a big cheer!  We then spent the next ten minutes talking like Daffy Duck (tho thilly).  This morning the boys were counting the quarters that the Tooth Fairy had left and Gavin said "Only five? Thath Dithpicable!" Ohhh good times.  I'm still giggling about that.  All five of those quarters were promptly spent on Squishies down at the pharmacy first thing after school.  He got several he had been hoping for including a green alligator.  I could see the joy on his face as he ran back to the car and said "YETH! Thith ith the luckieth day of my life!"

We'll have a Jack-O-Lantern for Easter this year. 
Dad's the best tooth puller!  I guess I don't have the guts. 

All winter long I have been waiting for a day when my chores would be done and I could sit on my couch and just watch the snow fall.  Well today's the day, although I've realized my chores are never through (what was I thinking?)  And today might be my last chance, it is after all March 25 and even though it sometimes seems like it might...Winter does not last forever.  So when I went to pick up the kids from school today I went barefoot in my car - because feeling the hot air from my heater blowing on my cold feet is one of my favorite things (next to driving with the windows down and the AC on in the Summer).  There really is so much to enjoy in the Winter time.  Hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, going to bed early, fluffy socks, ski days, the way my kids look with their backpacks over their coats, putting on my snow boots to shovel the driveway (I don't love shoveling, but I do love putting on my boots), savoring the way the oven warms up my kitchen as I bake.  How many times did I bake snickerdoodles for my kids this Winter? Dozens. These are things that do not happen in the summer, and I will miss these snow days when they're gone.  But spring will soon come, and after this lovely day I will be ready.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hooray!  We got Kelsey dropped of at the MTC today!  She was very brave, though a little stressed that her luggage seemed bigger than the other missionaries ; ).  She's ready for this and it will be great to see what adventures she experiences.  My mom started a blog for her if you'd like to check in on her.

We will miss her dump truck loads.  But like I told Baden last night, there are people waiting for her to change their lives.  We are glad to share her!  And we will be so glad to have her come home again in 519 days (who's counting?)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Beginnings

Several years ago I was a Laurel advisor in our ward.  It was a calling I loved, and there were three girls who I felt a special closeness to.  They were all as different as can be, and I loved them for their uniqueness. In the last few weeks I have watched each of them begin new and important chapters of their lives.  One was married, one accepted a mission call, and another began chemo therapy.  The love that I have for them has caused me to step back, and reflect on God's love and awareness for each of us on our own journey through life.

Last week my family was able to go to the temple on behalf of my brother Tanner who died from cancer thirteen years ago.  It was a day we had looked forward to, and as we stood together as a family, all I could think was, "he's here!" It was good to feel close to him.  My friends battle with cancer has kept him on my mind.  I love the way she has met this challenge head on, just like Tanner did.  Their courage seems to lift everyone a little higher.

When I got home from the temple we found out that my new little niece, Sage, had been born in Idaho. Again, I had to step back and reflect on the new beginnings that were happening on both sides of the veil that hour.  Every aspect of our lives are beautiful when you can see God's hand in it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The other day while grocery shopping I happened upon a line of products that had aroma therapy fragrances in them.  They featured two of my favorite fragrances, lemon verbena and geranium.  Mmmm.  So of course I bought the hand soap and the counter spray.  later while I was cleaning up the house I thought to myself (seriously) how much my family would appreciate me for making such a lovely home for them.  I cooked dinner and had everything just right as Jer got home from work.

Well, nobody liked the dinner I made.  Everyone was grouchy.  Reese cried all evening. The phone kept ringing. Before I knew it, it was time to put the kids to bed.  After they were asleep I folded some laundry and one last time sprayed and wiped the counter tops.  As Jer walked out of the kitchen he casually said "that stuff kind of stinks, huh?"

Needless to say, I overreacted.  I was destroyed. I realize that Jer is entitled to his preferences, and this matter was after all, only about preferences.  So why was I so sad about it?  Jer looked at me like I might be insane when I said "I don't think we're meant to be together"  Ha ha - only joking.  Jer is perfect for me actually. I guess I was just trying to show off the 'invisible work' that I do .  I thought of a talk I heard a while back by Doctors Bill & Chris Marshall called "Love at Home".  They talk about 'invisible work'.  The endless tasks like laundry and dishes that nobody realizes has even been done until it hasn't been, and then you get assaulted by kids needing socks and their favorite shirt or tinkerbell jammies.  And now every time I use that delicious soap I feel like i'm causing offense. Grrr.

Well this morning when Avery opened her closet to find her favorite outfit waiting for her she said "oh my! I am so happy! You're the best mommy in the world"  (she's always this passionate about small things, it's her gift).  Funny how such a small amount of recognition can make me feel so warm and fuzzy.